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Wildlife Photos 2020

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Photo - March 2020
infra red photo of a a hedgehog in our garden
The photos on this page were taken with our infra-red, movement sensor camera.
March 2020
March Hedgehog Watch
Three sets of photos on this album from 9 March, 15 - 16 March and 29 March.
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April 2020
April Hedgehog Watch
Two photos from early morning 15 April
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A description of our Tawny Owl rescue, recovery and release over the easter weekend is here

July 2020
Garden visitors | July 2020
Four photos of a young male deer at the end of our garden at various times between midnight and after dawn at 5.30 in the morning on 4 July.
Three more photos from the morning of 6 July between 2.00 and 5.00 in the morning.
Two photos of the deer passing through our garden on 9 July, early morning and late evening.
Two photos of a single large hedgehog, before midnight on 11 July.
Another two photos of the deer in our garden at 2.20 and 3.17 in the morning of 19 July.
Still daylight, evening of 19 July, the deer ran away (past the camera) when it saw me looking out our back door.
Just after 6 in the morning, 27 July, very close to the camera, eating raspberries!!
Another photo of the deer eating raspberries, 5 in the morning, 29 July.
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August 2020
Deer and a Pine Marten in our garden
A collection of photos taken during August.
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