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Wildlife Photos 2019

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Photo - March 2020
infra red photo of a a hedgehog in our garden
The photos on this page were taken with our infra-red, movement sensor camera.
February 2019
February hedgehog watch
After the very warm February weather we thought that hedgehogs might come out of hibernation to feed.
The day before these photos were taken we saw droppings in the garden and on the last official day of winter we captured these photos of two hedgehogs feeding in our back garden through the night.
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March 2019
March hedgehog watch
Two sets of photos on this album from 5 and 30 March.
The first set of photos show two hedgehogs together.
The second set of photos show a group of three hedgehogs together.
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April 2019
April hedgehog watch
Three photos of a single hedgehog on an early morning visit mid month.
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May 2019
May 2019 hedgehog watch
Photos of a single hedgehog during visits over a six hour period.
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July 2019
Garden bird feeder
Some of our most common birds on the bird feeder, including a sequence of a Goldfinch landing
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July 2019 hedgehog watch
Photos of hedgehog visits during some very hot July weather
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