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Wildlife Photos 2018

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Photo - March 2020
infra red photo of a a hedgehog in our garden
The photos on this page were taken with our infra-red, movement sensor camera.
February 2018
Deer in our garden | February 2018
A deer feeding in the snow in or garden.
We had seen tracks in the snow in our garden for several days and took these photos on the night of 12 / 13 February.
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April 2018
Our garden at night | April 2018
Photos 31 March / 1 April. The first sightings this year of two hedgehogs. Temperature -2 deg and the remains of light snow on the ground.
Plus more photos from later in the month.
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May and June 2018
Checking on our hedgehogs | May and June 2018
In April dehydration was a potential problem due to the hot dry weather we experienced - then on 13 May we had snow!! The month ended with frequent heavy rain and thunder storms.
These photos were taken on the night of 31 May and confirmed that we still have two hedgehogs visiting our garden.
From mid June. A single hedgehog in our potatoes!
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June 2018
A young woodpecker being fed on sunflower seeds | June 2018
A young male greater spotted woodpecker being introduced to feed on sunflower seeds by its mother.
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August 2018
August hedgehog watch
Early morning, 22 August and it looks like we have one hedgehog visiting.
27 / 28 August, seven photos of one?? hedgehog making four separate visits throughout the night.
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September 2018
September hedgehog watch
Early morning, 3 September. Visits over a three hour period and the hedgehog arrived and departed via the abris at the end of our house.
5 September, one hedgehog visiting in the early morning.
Overnight 7 / 8 September, four more hedgehog photos of visits during a five hour period.
05:00, 12 September, one hedgehog passing through the end of our garden.
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October 2018
October hedgehog watch
Overnight 9/10 October, three visits during the night.
Early morning 17 October, one hedgehog
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