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Wildlife Photos 2017

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Photo - March 2020
infra red photo of a a hedgehog in our garden
The photos on this page were taken with our infra-red, movement sensor camera.
April 2017
April Hedgehog Watch
2017 has started again with hedgehog observations and we will wait and see what else may be included as the year goes on.
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May 2017
Greater Spotted Woodpecker
The woodpecker comes regularly each morning at this time of year to collect sunflower seeds from the feeder facing our kitchen window.
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A hedgehog
Seen through our back door 22h on 30 May. The hedgehog photo has been added to the end of the woodpecker album but with it’s own unique page link.
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June 2017
June Hedgehog Watch
02/03 June - Exceptionally heavy rain just before midnight but our usual solitary hedgehog continued to visit through to nearly 5.00 in the morning.
07/08 June - Two photos of a hedgehog in our strawberry bed. Is this what has been eating the strawberries?
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August 2017
August Hedgehog Watch
03/04 August - Three hedgehogs feeding together around the garden bird feeder.
08/09 August - One photo of a single hedgehog in the strawberry patch.
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Pine Marten in our garden
06/08 - Three photos of a Pine Marten passing through our garden, possibly looking for rat-mole prey.
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September 2017
September Hedgehog Watch
04/05 September - Two hedgehogs feeding together (both early and late in the night) under the bird feeder facing our kitchen window.
05/06 September - Early and late visits from a single hedgehog at bird feeder facing the kitchen window.
06/07 September - Two later visits by single hedgehog to garden bird feeder by the sunflower plants.
08/09 September - Single early visit at feeder facing kitchen window.
Seven more photos added from 14 Sept through to 23 Sept including a pair on the second to last photo in this album. The hedgehogs remained active through to the end of the month.
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October 2017
October Hedgehog Watch
Four photos of hedgehogs on the 4th and 6th October.
(But that was the last we saw of them this year).
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