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Latest photos page

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Page updated Monday 30 May.

Photo - July 2018
summer sun in our back garden.

Daily view page

Latest Daily View photos
… are on the Daily View page updated 30 May

Older Daily View photos
… are on a separate album that is updated most days (opens in a new window)

This year’s photo album page

More photos to come from Val Thorens in April, plus more phots from Nepal and New Zealand.
I have spent too much time away - now it’s time to catch up.

Added in April
Skiing at Val Thorens in March with Rachel Vol 1 added 24 Apr
Skiing at Val Thorens in March with Rachel Vol 2 added 24 Apr

Added in March
Photos d’amitié
Photos d’amitié | Mar 2022 - starting with a collection of photos, mostly from New Zealand plus one current photo from Australia, all from Bill and Erica in Sydney added 7 Mar

All of these photo albums
… are linked from the 2022 Photo Albums page.

♥ Photos d’amitié

Covid appears to be in retreat but I am continuing the ♥ Photos d’amitié albums if anyone would like to contribute.
Thanks to Hilda we reached Australia and Tasmania by the end of 2021. A warm welcome to visitors from the southern hemisphere.
The full collection of the ♥ Photos d’amitié albums are linked from these pages, 2020 photos    2021 photos    2022 photos

Wildlife photos

The most recent photos are on the 2020 Wildlife Photos with links to photos from our night vision camera. I will start to take images of night time activity in the garden again this year.

Latest wildlife photos
Deer and Pine Marten in our garden - an old album from Aug 2020.

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