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July 2018 - summer sun in our back garden

Updated Sunday 17 October

Daily View

The daily photos are the views from the front and back of our house and show the changing seasons.

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2021 Photos

October photos
LPO Group at col de Baracuchet added 10 Oct

September photos
Holiday with Rachel at Wye added 11 Oct
September 2021 at Mignaval
Garden for the bees - an island of colour and sound

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Photos d’amitié
♥ Covid still affects our lives and so I am continuing the Photos d’amitié albums if anyone would like to contribute ♥

2020 Wildlife Photos

The most recent photos are on the 2020 Wildlife Photos with links to photos from our night vision camera. I will start to take images of night time activity in the garden again very soon.

Latest wildlife photos
Deer and Pine Marten in our garden Aug 2020

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For Liz

11 June 1947 - 15 October 2020

My favourite photo of Liz
At 3000 m in the mountains where she was always truly alive; temperature -20, face and hair covered in ice, and looking so happy!!
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