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2021 photo albums

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Photo - from January 2020
Val Thorens.
January 2021
January 2021 at Mignaval (and Wye)
Flying over Mignaval 7 Jan - thank you Martijn
Within 1 km of home 10 Jan - a cold dark winter afternoon.
Above the clouds 11 Jan - a walk in the snow and sun at col des Pradeaux.
Mignaval in the sun and snow 16 Jan - for you to choose your own favourite.

February 2021
February 2021 at Mignaval - a month of contrast in our weather.

Photos d’amitié
Photos d’amitié | Feb 2021 - snow (and Kouign-amann) in the UK.
Photos d’amitié | Feb 2021 Vol 2
Photos d’amitié | Feb 2021 Vol 3

March 2021
March 2021 at Mignaval
Strange Brew - The photos will follow progress of my efforts to brew my own beer, something I used to do years ago. The name is taken from a song from 1967 by the rock group, Cream.
Looking for Spring - a walk near Mignaval.
Col des Supeyres - a walk with Gretha and Martijn.

Photos d’amitié
Photos d’amitié | Mar 2021
Photos d’amitié | Mar 2021 Vol 2

April 2021
April 2021 at Mignaval
Making beer - more photos on the Strange Brew album.
Wild daffodils at col des Pradeaux

Photos d’amitié
Photos d’amitié | Apr 2021
Amaryllis time lapse - a full album from Rachel.

May 2021
May 2021 at Mignaval

Photos d’amitié
Photos d’amitié | May 2021

June 2021
June 2021 at Mignaval
Prabouré - a walk with Gretha.

Photos d’amitié
Photos d’amitié | Jun 2021
July 2021
July 2021 at Mignaval - incl. les Copains weekend.
Les Copains web site - links to all the photo albums.

Photos d’amitié
Photos d’amitié | Jul 2021
Photos d’amitié | Jul 2021 Vol 2 - from Rachel in Wye

August 2021
August 2021 at Mignaval - incl. photos from Neil’s visit during the second part of the month.

September 2021
September 2021 at Mignaval
Garden for the bees - an island of colour and sound.
Holiday with Rachel at Wye

October 2021
October 2021 at Mignaval - owl nesting boxes, a wine fair, a walk at Thiolières, caring for a friends animals. Some normality is returning.
LPO Group at col de Baracuchet
A visit to Hastings with Rachel.
Mostly photos from the National Motor Museum with Andrew and family.

November 2021
November 2021 at Mignaval
la Première Neige

Photos d’amitié
Autumn present and past - from Amandine at Château Fabre Cordon

December 2021
December 2021 at Mignaval
Mostly Christmas with Rachel (despite Covid restrictions)

Photos d’amitié
Photos old and new from the other side of the world - from my neighbour Hilda.