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For Liz

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January 2008
at Val Thorens.

Memories from the mountains 2000-2003

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August 2000. Austria. Back at 3000 m from the summit of Similaun, 3606 m, during our first high mountain tour.
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August 2001. Austria. At Tisenjoch, 3214 m, where Ötzi the ice man was found. We are re-creating the scene with the mountain guide who originally removed the body from the ice.
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August 2002, week one. Austria. Grossvenediger, 3666 m, with our mountain guide.
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August 2002, week two. Austria. Grossglockner, 3798 m, the highest mountain in Austria. With our mountain guide.
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August 2002, week two. An unforgettable night at the Heiligenblut mountain guides table at the Erzherzog Johann Hütte, 3454 m, following the ascent of Grossglockner.
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December 2002. English Lake District. Liz and Josh on the summit of Red Screes, 776 m.
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August 2003, week one. Austria. Wildspitze, 3770 m, with Alois Pirpamer, the mountain guide who took us to the Ötzi site in 2001.
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August 2003, week two. Austria. Liz and Christoph on the steps of the Brandenburger Haus, 3277 m
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August 2003, week two. Austria. Liz and our mountain guide on the summit of Finialspitze, 3516 m.
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August 2003. On the descent from Finialspitze we once again passed the location where Ötzi the ice man was found.
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August 2003. At Tisenjoch, 3214 m, looking back at Similaun, 3606 m, our first alpine ascent.
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December 2019. Almost 20 years on from the earlier photos, in a small valley high in the french alps where Liz always loved to be and where we were always made very welcome.