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Photo - from January 2023
Mignaval in winter

Mignaval Daily Photos

The Mignaval Daily Photos show the passing of the seasons and are the views looking away from my house.
Go to the Mignaval Daily Photos album.
The photos are now on an iCloud album that is quick and easy for me to update.
Try clicking / tapping the first photo displayed to change the style of the album.
Note that the album opens in a new window and it does not have a link back to the Mignaval web site.

This Year's Photos

I have not yet created the page for 2023 so temporarily this link goes to the page for 2022
In future, the most recent albums will be listed here.

Life at Mignaval

Information and links to a few photo albums to show the character of the village.
Go to the About Mignaval page.

Photos 2000-2021

An index of the all the photo albums for the years 2000 to 2001.
Go to the Photo Albums 2000-2021 page.
Chapter one of my life in the UK and then at Mignaval with my late wife Liz.

Photos from 2022 onwards

An index of the all the photo albums from year 2022 up to date.
Go to the Photo Albums from 2022 onwards page.
Chapter two of my new life at Mignaval with my companion Marie-Claude.

Links & Contact info

Various links to web sites about the region and other sites that I find useful, plus contact information.
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♥ Photos d’amitié albums

♥ During 2020, in response to the Covid-19 pandemic, I introduced the Jardins d’amitié and Photos d’amitié albums to let us share our photos and visit each other during the periods of confinement ♥
The albums continued through the years 2021 and 2022.
The albums are included on these pages;
2020 Photo Albums
2021 Photo Albums
2022 Photo Albums